Kerri is fantastic! She helped me through the entire process of selling my home. She was professional, courteous, knowledgable, and very communicative! Kerri knows the markets in the Los Angeles area very well, and also had great advice on every aspect of the transaction from start to finish. I highly recommend her without hesitation and would absolutely buy/sell a property with her again!! A+++

DR. Bertin

I want to thank God first ,also Ms. Dr. Kerri Jones who worked tirelessly and very professionally to get my new home ownership and loan approved. I give Dr. Jones and her team a 5 Star approval and I will also spread the word of her professionalism.

Mr. RB Wilson JR.

I Would like to Thank Dr. Kerri Jones for assisting me in Selling my Home in Los Angeles as well the needed help in Relocating to an another State, Florida in the City of Port St Lucie, I Value her effort to make Contacts with Realtors from PSL, Florida Who was able to meet my demands & Comfort in finding a town with lower Cost of living as well as lower Taxes!

Thanks again Dr. KERRI I appreciate Your Help!

Leon Forte

My Journey,

There are times when you know that divine right action is taking place because life become seamless. People, places, and things come to you with little effort, then you are reminded of the goodness of God. You thoroughly understand that your life is a gift…called the “present” Meeting Kerri Jones one Sunday after church was another gift that was divinely mine. One of my sistagirlfriends was house hunting. I, was driving her around when we decided to look closer during an open house. We were pleasantly greeted at the door, given a tour, welcomed to view the entire property, and invited to ask any questions. We loved the property and thanked the well dressed agent.

She asked if we would mind signing her guest book and we did. I know now that this was one of the most positive turns I took on this journey. I chose to sell my previous home after catastrophic illness. I was faced with additional bills that could have led to foreclosure, so I leased a town home while my house was on the market. The clock was ticking. My son and I needed a new home soon. When she asked me, I responded that this house did not meet my needs. It was too large and I needed to relocate close to family.

She told me about one of her clients selling close to the area where my family lived. I said to myself, sounds like a nice place and went on my way. I missed the call about open house. Thinking back on it now, seems like something told me to call back and see if you could see the place, I did. Fast forward…today…I own a beautiful, luxury townhome in a gated community with lots of extras including a pool, a jacuzzi, and more. Needless to say that after meeting Kerri at the property I fell in love. That night I began considering things like the cost, location, etc.

Visualizing myself in the space was just the beginning of making this dreams come true. There are always those that want to make predictions but I knew that this property was there for me. The universe made it so. Now that I am a proud homeowner again I appreciate that throughout this journey Kerri Jones proved to be exceptionally professional. Whether it was phone calls, meetings, documents, finances with banks, loan agents, or insurance companies I found her standing there beside me, summoning me to the finish line. There were resources and other professionals that worked with Ms. Jones and all of them have helped me to arrive at this place of peace.

Thank you Kerri..no wonder you are “The Broker To The Stars.”

-Beverly Brewster

Ms Kerri Jones is an EXCELLENT REALTOR! She is HONEST, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and AGGRESSIVE!! My husband and I and now daughter are extremely grateful for her wonderful work and team. We were first time home buyers clueless AND SCARED. She made our experience a memorable one. She became a good friend that we trust. We HIGHLY recommend Ms Kerri. She will negotiate and make sure that you are getting what you want. In fact we had a situation where one of our offers was accepted; we went through the entire process and in the inspection process things were not okay. Ms Kerri told us immediately to get out of the deal. We are so thankful (that particular property sat on the market for about to 8 months after we pulled our offer). In addition, she and her team are all honest, respectful, professional, and seasoned. She and her team are thorough and on your side. Finally, not only did we find our home but shortly after we learned that I was pregnant and that we were going to be first time parents as well. It is all a blessing. Again, we highly recommended her. Thank you Ms Kerri Jones you truly are the best!!

-Mr. and Mrs. Pamintuan


Thank you for your diligence and follow thru in helping the Twyman family relocate from St. Louis to Thousand Oaks.  Your attention to detail was impressive and your responsiveness is unmatched.  Our family was appreciative of your help as we acclimated to the west coast. ”

-Twyman Family

” It was my pleasure to have Kerri on my side during my home search and purchase. Kerri is honest, professional, and always puts my interests above all others.  When it comes to the real estate market, Kerri is an expert!  She knows the market very well and shares her expertise with her customers. Kerri made me feel comfortable during my purchase, also she took the efforts to educate me about the whole process as it was my first purchase. Thank you Kerri for everything.”

-Mr. Aldhalaan

Kerri guided us through every step of the buying and selling process.  She sold our estate and relocated us to our new home.  She was amazing how she represented us and the buyers simultaneously.  The resourcefulness, creativity, and commitment to satisfying our needs make her a consummate professional and an asset to the real estate profession.

Dr. Linda & Michael Rosenthal

Kerri you are truly an asset to your profession.  You were always accurate and followed through while addressing each issue.  Buying and Selling with you on our side was a great pleasure.  You listened, and appeared to know exactly what we wanted, after only a few conversations.  You never pressured us, just educated us.  Your profession would be truly blessed if everyone was as conscientious as you!  God Bless you and we wish you continued success in all that you do!

The Yung Family

It was a pleasure to work with Kerri. Our family needed an expeditious sell, because of the NBA trade out of state. Her guidance and personal experience were unsurpassed. She never missed a basket! She has integrity, very high standards, loyalty, and dedication. My wife and I admire, she always does the right thing regardless of the situation; she will not take any short cuts.  She is a World Champion Real Estate Broker who gave us HOME COURT ADVANTAGE! James (Hollywood) Robinson, Shooting Guard, #Trailblazzers #Timberwolves #Clippers

Mr. & Mrs. Robinson

After selling our estate we will definitely refer you to friends and family.  Kerri met with us on several occasions, to make sure everything was in alignment with her selling guidelines.  She prepared a detailed marketing plan and followed through on all points.  She made the task of selling our home exciting, by being authentic; transparent; organized; pleasant; and so very accommodating.  Thank you for getting our estate SOLD!  We Love, Respect, Cherish, and Appreciate you immensely!

The Concepcion Family

Just a little note to ThankYou for all your HARD work and integrity!  We were very discouraged after having an unfortunate and bad experience with a different agent.  However, our acquaintance which referred you to us to sell our mansion was one of the best ideas we ever agreed to.  We honor and appreciate your professionalism, but most of all your wonderful communication throughout the entire transaction, and being a transformational leader.  You pitched the balls, hit outfielders, ran the bases, and scored a homerun during our relocation and my retirement from the MLB! Eric Davis, Center Fielder, #Reds #Dodges #Cardinals #Giant

The Davis Family

Thank you Kerri for providing quality details of buying my dream home. Through this transaction we have developed such a trustworthy business relationship. As a result, we will forever be extended family. In addition, your exciting sense of the real estate industry is meticulous and your importance of listening is powerful! Therefore, your honesty and influential knowledge has inspired me to refer my mother and sister to you. I wish you much success in your expertise.

Michael Clarke Duncan, Actor

Kerri is an amazing realtor. She was incredibly helpful in getting me into my condominium and made things so easy for me. She handled all the paperwork and communications with ease. Kerri was always available to help me out. Since I have moved in, I have learned that other people did not have an experience like mine. Kerri made sure that I had all the HOA documents and other items I needed. She worked with the management company to have my phone connected to the front gate immediately. Some people have waited months for this to happen and have never seen the documents.

In addition to being such an outstanding realtor, Kerri is a kind, caring, honest person. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Thanks for everything, Kerri!

Judi C.

If you want your home sold within weeks & above the selling price, then KERRI is the realtor for you. That’s what she did to my home, unfortunately the appraisal did not come in at the higher price, but she sold it to the highest price possible in my neighborhood, and because of her, the comps went up in the area.

Not only is she professionally knowledgeable with years of experience, she is also very welcoming….her attitude exhumes her genuine humbleness making her so culturally approachable – that’s why she accumulates so many loyal clienteles and apparently why my home sold very quickly!

If you enlist KERRI, not only will she use her expertise to analyze & research the community you want to buy in or sell from, you’ll get a caring committed person who will always & consistently have your best interests at all time.

Mr. & Mrs. Scott

Kerri is an exemplar Realtor who is totally invested in her clients from start to finish, and even after that. She is dedicated to her clients and getting you what you want in a home, and will negotiate the best terms for you. She is always available to you no matter what time of day it is and will answer any questions you may have. She is very knowledgeable in her field and always have your best interest at heart.

Once Kerri knows what you want and like its stuck in her head, and she is very persistent in finding what you want. She will offer suggestions that will help with finding your dream home. She works for you, and with you at all times.

Kerri is very pleasant, kind, and patient. She has helped me with two home purchases over the years. She’s a tough negotiator, and has tons of resources at her disposal that will guide you though your home buying experience. Love Her!

Rhonda Simpson

Look no further for your Real Estate needs, Kerri Jones sold our home in record time to purchase another one, we were able to close escrow and move into our home seamlessly.

Thank you Kerri Jones!!!

Michael R.