Is the incorporated city on Santa Catalina Island of the California Channel Islands, and the  southernmost city in Los Angeles County.   According to the locals, Avalon was first established in pre-modern times by members of the Gabrielino/Tongva family.  From the late 19th century  to the early 20th century, several different developers tried to develop Avalon into a resort destination community, but most went bankrupt.

In 1919, William Wrigley, Jr. of Wrigley Chewing Gum gained control of Avalon.  Wrigley oversaw much of the development of Avalon, including the construction of the landmark Catalina Casino.  In February 1919, chewing gum entrepreneur and mogul William Wrigley, Jr. bought a controlling interest in Santa Catalina Island and its associated properties from the Banning Brothers. However, before his acquisitions, he had traveled to Catalina with his wife, Ada, and son, Philip, and immediately fell in love with the island.  Therefore, Wrigley dedicated himself to preserving and promoting it, investing millions in desirable groundwork and attractions.

Wrigley built a home overlooking Avalon on Mount Ada, named after his wife, so he could oversee his work.  This is a great stay with an awesome view to lodge during Independence Day.  FYI-book early.  The city remains primarily a resort community.  Most of the waterfront is dominated by tourism-oriented companies.  The older parts of the town on the valley level consist primarily of small houses and two and three-story buildings in various traditional chic architectural styles.